Tuesday, May 5, 2009


aku dah berjaya settlekan paper yang kedua aku.. one more left, sociolinguistics ja yang masih tinggal.. paper yang membunuh sebenarnya.. taktau la apa nasib aku kali ni. cuma aku berhrap yang everything will be not so bad for next sem. i already knew that it will be bad, just hoping that i will not be very bad.. hehe
tahniah skali lagi sebb at last my work is accepted. i thought is was just a company's waste. know why?
my shoes painting work at first has been rejected by the big boss. hehe.. whatever... i was all my fault because i was not following what he had design for me. i can say here that i was not following orders. hehe

Monday, May 4, 2009

esok paper - sedeyh ni...

tomorrow will the first examination day (for people who are not repeating any last sem subject like me. for me, it will be my 2nd day, hehe). next sem there will be more things to be repeated..

as for all my fellow friends, i hope you could make my sad (not really, but more to stupid) story as a lesson. u dont have to make such expirience as your own, you just need to remind yourself that such things could happen to yourself.

only to Allah i recite my humble doa'. may He bless me with His Nur to change myself to better person. Amin...